Don’t forget your H20

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Some Interesting Facts

  • Adults are about 60% water, while blood is around 90% water.
  • When our body becomes dehydrated, the chance of skin disorders & wrinkling is increased.
  • Water lubricates the body’s joints– Cartilage (in joints/spinal disks) contains ~ 80% water. Over time, dehydration can lead to joint pain due to the decreased ability of the joints to absorb shock.
  • Drinking water keeps the mouth clean, thus decreasing tooth decay.
  • The body’s digestion system requires water to work properly. Dehydration can increase risks of constipation, heartburn and stomach ulcers.
  • When there is not a sufficient amount of water intake, blood can thicken, increasing blood pressure. Drinking water can help maintain blood pressure.
  • Dehydration can make asthma & allergies worse.

SO how much water should we drink?

Everyone may be familiar with the “drink 8 cups of water a day”. However, this amount is actually more dependent on each individual’s needs & dietary intake.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) suggests-

  • men ~ 13 cups of water
  • women ~ 9 cups of water


Keeping track of water intake may be tedious to some people…

However, I have found that using a water bottle with a tracker on it makes it somewhat easier. Amazon has several options. Ive posted an example here!

Bevgo Infuser Water Bottle – Large 32oz – Hydration Timeline Tracker – Detachable Ice Gel Ball With Flip Top Lid – Quit Sugar – Save Money – Multiple Colors with Recipe Gift IncludedScreen Shot 2018-07-28 at 10.41.24 AM.png





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